Lolai Village as a Sky Settlement of North Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi Province

Tana Toraja Regency offers more than creepy things. For instance, there is Lolai Village in North Tana Toraja. It is known as the sky settlement among travelers. Why is that? Thanks to the location. It is situated on a highland, so you can witness beautiful scenery from here. In fact, you can even see stunning clouds from here. Lolai actually belongs to Kapalapitu District. A formation of mountains also becomes a feature in this location. Apart from mesmerizing scenery, you can also enjoy the local culture.

The Nuance
Any villages in Tana Toraja share the same characteristics. For example, you can see Tongkonan. It is a complex of traditional houses of Tana Toraja. Due to its unique shape, it becomes so much attractive to the visitors. The next feature of the village is the trees. They surround the houses well. Next, it is the materialization of clouds. From Lolai Village, you are able to witness them and enjoy the breezy wind. What a great place to relax! Somehow, it also becomes a romantic location for couples.

Exploring Lolai Village
Lolai Village is located in the highland. No wonder, it features stunning scenery. It feels like you are spending times in a sky settlement. Many beautiful objects are seen clearly from there. These include clouds, the sunlight, trees, Tongkonan, etc. All of them create a comfortable nuance, especially for tourists. In Lolai, the locals call their traditional house Tongkonan Lempe. In its terrace, you are able to sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery. On top of that, you are able to talk to the owner like friends.

Many tourists keep coming to Lolai Village. Due to this reason, the villagers have decided to provide an accommodation to visitors. They make their house as a homestay. For sure, there is a rent fee. Despite this facility, Lolai is not an official tourist spot. The rent fee of such accommodation is also negotiable. Thus, you should be able to talk flawlessly to the owner. That means a good communication skill will help you get a better price. Also, you should pick the best Tongkonan.

As an alternative, you can build a tent nearby. Visitors are allowed to camp in this location. The thing is the temperature is quite cold at night. Can you withstand it? Lolai is indeed a traditional village. However, it has an electricity facility. Due to this reason, tourists are able to recharge their gadgets easily. Another thing to do in Lolai Village is enjoying sun views. It is either the sunrise or sunset. Both of them are indeed stunning.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Kete Kesu
  • Ollon Park

How to Get There
Your primary destination is South Sulawesi Province. For outsiders, it is better to take an airplane. In this case, you need to reach Sultan Hasanuddin Airport first in Makassar City. From such location, head to North Tana Toraja Regency and Lolai Village. The trip takes 8 hours and 30 minutes. The distance is 339 km. Despite a tiring trip, it is a worthy experience.

Where to Stay

  • Indra Toraja Hotel
  • Pison Hotel
  • Marante Hotel

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