Tarra Tree and Bori Parinding Site in Sangalla District, South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja Regency is part of South Sulawesi. It is famous for numerous creepy traditions and beautiful landmarks. In Sangalla District, you can find a sacred tree called Tarra. The location is in Sangalla District. To be exact, it is situated in Kambira Village. The tree has several holes in the trunk. The local people use those holes to bury their dead child. The thing is only a pure baby is allowed to be buried there. For tourists, the tree becomes a significant attraction. If you look for an alternative, there is Bori Parinding. It is a site to witness menhir stones. These stones have been there for hundreds of years, in fact.

The Nuance
Both Tarra Tree and Bori Parinding Site are worth a visit. Many visitors are attracted to the uniqueness and sacredness of those tourist spots. In terms of size, the tree has a big trunk. There are several small storages on it. As mentioned before, these holes contain dead kids. The tree emits a creepy aura, as well. Thus, not all tourists would like to spend much time there. On the other hand, Bori Parinding Site offers unique landscape and features.  Many menhir stones are scattered in this location.

Exploring Tarra Tree
The tree is considered big. It has a diameter of 1 meter. The locals make a hole in the trunk to bury their dead baby. According to the locals, the age of the tree is more than 300 years old. However, not all dead babies are allowed to be buried in this location. It is because the tree is quite sacred. That means only pure and sacred bodies are buried there. What is the requirement, actually? Those who don’t grow any milk teeth are considered sacred babies.

The locals have many reasons why they bury their kids there. For example, the tree produces sap. It is considered a replacement for mother’s breast milk. That means the kids are considered reborn if they are buried there. The question is whether there is more than one Tarra Tree or not. Yes, it is. However, not all trees can be used as a burial site. The tree must have a sufficient diameter. It is a no brainer. A big trunk can store the dead body easily.

Before the burial process, the family should perform a ritual. The name is Rambu Solo. This helps the kids to reach the heaven in an efficient manner. Not to mention the family must sacrifice an animal during the procession. Usually, it is a pig. This whole ceremony is considered a traditional belief. It belongs to animism, actually. The locals call it Todolo.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
First things come first. In order to see Tarra Tree, you must come to South Sulawesi. From Jakarta, takes a plane to Hasanuddin International Airport. It is situated in Makassar City. Once you get there, reach Sangalla District by a local transportation service. Next, you can simply head to Kambira Village. The whole trip takes approximately 7-8 hours. The distance is 311 km, after all. It is a long and tiring trip, so you need to prepare everything.

Where to Stay

  • Indra Toraja Hotel
  • Sahid Hotel
  • Misiliana Hotel

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