Tilangnga Natural Pond in North Makale District, South Sulawesi

Nature tourism always becomes everyone’s favorite. One of the best locations for relaxation in South Sulawesi Province is Tilangnga Natural Pond. The location is in North Makale District. To be exact, it is located in Sarira Village. The pond offers fresh and clear water. Actually, the water is shallow so you can get in safely. It is also considered as the home of Anguilla Sp. The locals call it “Belut Purba”. Also, people of Toraja call it Masapi. In order to reach this pond, you need to pay the entry fee. Have no worries. The price is affordable.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the natural pond is mesmerizing. It feels like in a sacred place. The shady plants and trees make it quite refreshing. The stones are scattered all over the pond and they have a unique shape. Next, it is the color of the water. This natural pond is considered clear. Somehow, it reflects green and shiny color. As mentioned before, the water is shallow. It is even safe for kids to play in it. If you are lucky, you are able to witness the eels.

Exploring Tilangnga Natural Pond
Even though it is not an official tourist spot, Tilangnga opens for public. That means visitors are allowed to get into the water and take a bath. As mentioned earlier, this pond is the home of local eels (Masapi). If you get lucky, they will approach you. Some locals may recommend you to bring a boiled egg. Somehow, it is able to lure the eel out. These eels live in the cracks of the rocks. They aren’t likely to come out easily, though.

Apart from bathing, there are other things to do in such tourist spot. For instance, you can learn the history of Tilangnga Natural Pond. Many facts are related to Tilangnga’s Masapi, actually. The locals say you will have a fortune by encountering such eel. Another interesting story is related to the forbidden activity in the pond. It is said visitors are not allowed to fish the eel. Otherwise, it may give a severe unfortunate event and death. No one can confirm these myths, but you should never ignore them.

What about the rules in taking a bath in Tilangnga Pond? Well, you should never use either a soap or shampoo. Tourists should keep the environment clean. That means you are not allowed to litter, as well. Both the pond and Masapi are considered sacred. You must never ruin their purity by acting carelessly in the pond. That’s all.

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How to Get There
The first destination is South Sulawesi Province. If you come from Jakarta, you should use an airplane and head to Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport. It is located in Makassar. Once you get there, take a local vehicle to North Makale District and head to Sarira Village. A trip from Makassar to Tilangnga Natural Pond takes 7-8 hours and the distance is 317 km. The best route to use is Poros Barru – Makassar Street.

Where to Stay

  • Masiliana Hotel
  • Torsina Hotel
  • Pison Hotel

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